Elena began developing her own film in Kyiv, Ukraine when she was 11 years old.  The process of watch a picture appear out of nothing fascinated her.  Today she continues developing images...albeit digitally.  Elena is the primary photo retoucher at Ateta Studios.  Her eye for details and drive for perfection ensure that only the best images leave our studio.

Elena is also an accomplished photographer and has photographed over 400 weddings as part of the award winning team of Weddings by Tony and Elena.

ana Smith

Ana's love for photography began at a very young age.  Always with a camera of some kind in her hand, she has spent years learning how to take amazing images with the simplest of setups.  At the same time, Ana is just as comfortable in a controlled studio environment.

Food is her life! Whether cooking it or taking pictures of it, Ana loves food.  Her eye for details and desire to find the perfect color palette give her a unique perspective on food photography.

elena Smith

Tony has been a full-time, professional photographer for ten years.  During that time he has photographed military events, professional sports teams, products, and thousands of people.  

Tony was a founding partner of the highest rated wedding photography team in the United States, Weddings by Tony and Elena.  He now focuses his time, talents, and expertise on creating outstanding portraits of people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.

Tony Smith

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Heaven on Earth.  If you haven't been here, you're missing out.

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The advantages of having parents who are photographers.  Our kids always got cool pics!

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We love fishing!  Sometimes we even catch fish!

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One of our favorite vacations ever!

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