Let's be real.  Right or wrong, people are going to make judgments about your competency, likeability, and (often times) hireability based on a simple headshot.  One posed portrait in a studio can affect your ability to get the job you want or attract the kinds of clients or employees you desire at the job you have.  In short, you headshot helps pay the mortgage and provide for your family.  That's important stuff!

Long before a single hello is ever said or a single hand is ever shook, your headshot is...or, at least, should be...working for you.  You need a strong shot that shows your potential employer or client that they can depend on you to get the job done.  But, you also want a headshot that going to convince them that they'll enjoy working with you, too.  In short, you want to look confident and approachable.  If your headshot isn't doing those things for you, it's time to get a better headshot!

We have spent years photographing all kinds of people and we are known for capturing our client's genuine personality and producing consistently professional results. 

Ateta Studios is Austin's premier commercial and headshot studio.  We specialize in headshots, commercial portraiture, editorial, food, and commercial video.  Our team of photographers is committed to ensuring that you receive an unparalleled photography experience.  

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